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The purpose of this project has been to bring before the internet users the richness of the contents of Indian Poetry. Since the beginning of world wide web and online publishing, a large number of people have come forth with their creative publications. Together, internet has created a unique medium where everybody can participate and unleash their creativity without having to worry about having special skills or training for it. We want to archive the largest repository of poems that everyone can use.  We want to examine how best we can translate poems from one language to the other. Feel free to quote from this site, use these poems. Enlighten others. Use these poems for your personal enhancement, your writings and speeches. We do our best to verify that the poems and the translations are authentic, but we have to trust our contributors ultimately for their contributions. 
Why Contribute
As we wrote above, it's your site. Make it your project. We cannot read every poem, we cannot publish everything. But you have read poems that have moved you. Now give others an opportunity to share it with you. There may not be money to be gained from here, but hey, we do not read or write poetry because we want money or fame! We want to be moved by subtle emotions that shape our lives! If you ever feel blue, pick up a poem. Sing a song! If you contribute a poem here, you will know for sure that somewhere, you will cheer up another person's life! We promise!
First, all translations have to be original. Don't cheat from other people's work. That's not fair, heck, that's illegal! If you want to use other people's work, be courteous, tell us that you had it from another person's work. 
Second, please make all translations into english language. We cannot publish in any other language.
Third, please include a copy of the original poem and label it as "original.jpg" and send as an attachment. You cannot do that if you use the form; we'll take it from you later.
All translations that you will provide will be copyrighted by you. For everything else, please mention the source. Please do not send us anything that you have already published anywhere. We cannot publish that stuff, simple as that. 
Any Other Stuff
Anything else that you can think of, shoot them to

Kakoli Bandyopadhyay and Arindam Basu
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